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Sherwood Park is a place where roots run deep, and people stay or almost always come back to. We are a testament to that. We live, work and play in the community and as a result, we have built loyal, trusted and life-long relationships with clients, friends and REALTORS® over the past 35 years!


The People…

They say home is where the heart is; and for us, the heart is in each person we get to know and become friends with in this community.  What do we mean when we say the people are reason #1, here’s a glimpse…

  • Block party  – the sights and sounds of a block party are a common occurrence during a summer walk or drive through the neighbourhoods.
  • Locals support locals – boutique shops, home businesses and farmers markets, the local community supports and shows up for one another.
  • Building family community – at the hockey rink, dance studio, ski hill, park or play centre, you will always find a welcoming smile and warm conversation from both old friends and brand new ones.

Photo: Sherwood Park News

Big Reason #2

The Places…

Sherwood Park may be small, but it is mighty! Oh the places you can go! Here is just a small list of what you can find on your adventures through The Park.

  • TheatreFestival Place attracts sold out crowds from Sherwood Park, Edmonton and other near by towns.
  • Movie Night – The Sherwood Park movie theatre is in the centre of town, and right next to the Chapters. Take the family for dinner, a show, a stroll through the book shop, and end with a favourite treat from Starbucks.
  • Dine Out – Whether you’re looking for a faithful favourite like Earl’s or Joey’s, or a local gem like Vicky’s Wine and Bistro, you don’t have to go far for a great dinner out.
  • Drinks on the town – From small local pubs to larger lounges, Sherwood Park has plenty of near by waterholes for friends and family to gather in community, love and laughter.

Photo: via Strathcona County

Photo Source Sherwood Park News


The Parks…

“Play is our brains favourite way of learning.” – Diane Ackerman

In Sherwood Park, we know how to play. There is something for everyone, no matter your age.  Our parks attract people from all around, and we open our arms to say welcome! What kind of parks do we have, you ask… here’s just a few…

  • Spray park
  • Outdoor play parks
  • Indoor play parks
  • Trampoline parks
  • Bike parks
  • Skate parks (winter and summer)
  • Swim parks (well awesome swimming pools… put we’ll call them a park)
  • Sport Parks (every one you can name)
  • Golf Parks (i.e. Golf courses…. and more than a few)
  • Dog Parks
  • And miles of paths and trails through town or through the forests

Photo: Sherwood Park News

Big Reason #4

The Parties

Sherwood Park knows how to throw a party! We love to celebrate, not only on the holidays, but also in between and all year round. Whether you live here or are visiting, you’ll want to be sure to join in the fun.

Photo: Sherwood Park News


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