Trina Hodges and Megan Mohr have partnered up.
Why We Work Together
February 4, 2019 | Posted in Our Thoughts, This + That

In Real Estate, one of the most obvious reasons to work as a team is to share the workload. While that is partly true for us, working as a team is so much more. We truly are a partnership. We are best friends. We show up every day striving to be better, personally and for each other, and of course for our clients. Success in life and business is what we want for each other, and we have each other’s backs day in and day out. We joke that we spend so much time together that we are beginning to morph into each other. And this isn’t a bad thing! We are able to disagree without fear of offending the other. Freely bouncing ideas and suggestions off of each other helps us grow, and it helps our clients because they get both of our views.

Our relationship goes beyond the office too. You will often find us at soccer, hockey, or basketball events for our kids, cheering loudly beside each other in the stands, or out for a double date dinner with our husbands. Our lives are intertwined throughout all aspects of our day to day. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the fast paced, never closed, industry of Real Estate it can be easy to burn out. We always want to provide the best service for our clients, because they deserve the best. We realize what a big life event buying and selling is, and how much trust our clients place in us. In order for each of us to stay on top of our game, we switch days off. We find that having that break provides us with such abundance; the abundance of time to refresh, re-energize, and to ensure we never lose that spark. And now that we have our amazing office space, each day that we head in to work fills us with overwhelming amounts of gratitude. It is a wonderful thing to work beside your best friend, love what you do, and know that you truly are a team.