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On Your Mark, Get Set, Sell!
March 12, 2015 | Posted in Our Realtor Tips

Preparing your home to sell can be an overwhelming task. And often, time and budget are limited. The long list of renovations has turned into a short list of priorities—and you need smart, effective ways to prepare your home to give it a competitive edge in the market. Here are five tips to increase chance of traffic and profit:

Set the stage. In a previous blog, Selling Tip | Professional Homes Staging, I talk about the advantages of hiring a professional for home staging; however, some homeowners choose to take on the task themselves. Staging is really about putting your home’s best foot forward, making a strong first impression and allowing a potential buyer to really envision him or herself living in that space. What are some spot updates you could do that are budget friendly but make a difference? Often...

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