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The Rundown on Staging Your Home

We are now making our way into the thick of the Spring Market! If you are looking to sell your home, you want to do what you can to increase the number of buyers your home appeals to, sell more swiftly, and of course get as close to your asking price as you can. There are three factors home buyers consider when deciding whether to move ahead on a property: the location, the condition, and the price. While you don’t have control over the location of your home, the price and the condition of your home are in your hands. Discussing correct pricing for listing homes on the market is a whole other article, but this month we want to focus on the condition of your home! One of the best ways to improve the condition of your home is through staging.

What exactly is staging? Staging is depersonalizing your...

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What to Expect When Your Home is on the Market

It’s official, the sign has been placed at the end of your driveway and your home is for sale. What can you expect during this next phase of the selling process? If you read our article from last month, we discussed how it is important at this point that your home be staged, and thoroughly or professionally cleaned, so it is ready for showings. The staging process would have included depersonalizing your home (removing family photos, etc.), as well as organizing small spaces. When potential buyers come through your home, they will be looking in closets and cupboards and pantries. It is important that these spaces be clean and organized to help ensure the appearance of sufficient space for storage. Overfull and disorganized closets may give the impression that there is not enough storage space within the home. It is also important to ensure that any small issues, such as...

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