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How rough days help me grow
July 22, 2014 | Posted in Blog, Our Thoughts

When we have a bad day or someone puts us to the test we have two ways to approach it: get angry, play the blame game and fall into a miserable rut for as long as needed; or, we can stop, breathe, look back on the situation and ask a few important questions…


What could I have done differently? How can I learn from this situation? What reaction could I have chosen or can I choose to positively impact the outcome?


In real estate, my clients trust me to look after one of the biggest assets in their lives. With that can come a lot of pressure and heightened emotions from the client. And then, there is also the other party involved (the other realtor and their clients). You put all of these people, their emotions, and their needs into the mix and it’s easy to see how...

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