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I Trust the Experts
April 3, 2014 | Posted in Blog, Our Thoughts

Whether I am balancing the books or furnace, I live by one simple rule: Trust my experts. I am clear on my strengths, my accountant is clear on hers, and my handyman on his. When I trust my experts, I save time, materials, and money, and I experience joy when I enlist others to help me out with what they are truly good at. The trick is to find the right people and build a trusting relationship.

To find my experts, I…

I trust my gut instinct. In the past, when I have chosen to work with someone who has been high in energy and enthusiasm from the start, and demonstrated organization and a sound process, I have put my trust in them and their services. Word-of-mouth recommendations, friends and family often turn out to be in my list of experts....

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