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My Year in Review 2013
January 4, 2014 | Posted in Blog, Our Thoughts

Before I even begin with a new bucket list and goals, I like to revisit my year and feel gratitude for everything I accomplished and experienced.

What was my theme for 2013? When I recount all the amazing events and milestones, the one word that comes to mind is Happiness.

In 2013 I found true happiness in my career, family, and with my inner self. I did some journeying outside and inside.

I feel I put in place the proper structures and expectations to say “2014, BRING IT ON!”

With happiness came a lot of new friendships for me this year. Not acquaintances. Real, deep, soulful friendships. I feel that this is a gift in my life. Often I find that once we reach a certain stage in our lives, it becomes a bit more difficult to cultivate new relationships.

What else filled me with happiness this past year? My...

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