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Sherwood Park’s French Countryside
June 14, 2013 | Posted in Blog, Inspiring Homes

Sitting enjoying a glass of fresh lemonade, I gaze at the glimmering lake, breath in the fresh country air and peacefully listen to the harmony of gentle birds singing in the trees. For a moment I feel as though I’m in the French countryside, and as my good friend and client joins me again in her sunroom, I’m reminded that I’m not in France… I’m only 2 minutes from home.

Instantly, I saw again why I love Sherwood Park so much. With little hideaways like Boag lake, you can have the best of both worlds… your dream vacation home and your dream home all in one. And, that’s exactly what my clients created for themselves!

We, my husband Steve and I, are about halfway through our 10-year plan in getting our acreage to a place where it truly feels we’re on vacation at our own home. So, when I walked...

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