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The Balancing Act
August 1, 2012 | Posted in Blog, Our Thoughts

People often ask me how I do it. It being… working nearly 7 days a week, and still finding time to enjoy my family, friends and a bit of me time.

I am extremely determined to be the best at what I do and to achieve success. Sometimes, this determination can be my worst enemy. But, after 11 years of working my way to the top of my game, I have learned a few lessons of what it takes for me to achieve balance:

#1 – Be Crystal Clear about your Priorities.  Write them out. Of all the things in life, what is the most important to you?   Let that list be your guide. For me… family will always be #1.   But, I know to have and do the things I want for my family… I have to put a lot of time...

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